Gopi to expose Meera’s boyfriend- kidnapper in Saathiya



Meera gets kidnapped and is taken away by the kidnappers. Meera shouts aloud Papa and alerts her family. Ahem runs behind the vehicle, but in vain. Gopi breaks down and cries. Ahem consoles her. Everyone is shocked too. Gopi weeps and says she needs her Meera and asks Ahem to bring her. She raises a question about the kidnapper’s identity and motive. She also wonders about Meera’s condition in the kidnapper’s den. She yearns for her daughter and cries badly saying she met Meera after many years of separation. She thinks whenever she tries to get closer to her daughters, she is bounced back from them.

Meera slapped her BF being in anger on his misbehavior, and he has taken revenge by kidnapping her. The twist will come as Meera’s BF will be doing this kidnapping drama. Everyone get close to find Meera, and doubt on Meera’s BF seeing his partial face in the video. They are close to Meera’s place and still miss to find her. Gopi will be exposing the guy and twist will bring Meera close to Gopi. Keep reading.




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