Laxmi’s initiated refusal for Raj; Samar’s true identity to surface in Dream Girl

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Laxmi has chosen Karan over Samar. This came as a big shock to Samar, as she has not seen true love of Raj Samosawala and chosen the limelight and richness. He felt Laxmi does not care for money and believes in love. She clears to him that she has her own and her family’s dreams associated with her, and she can’t risk everything with her love. Ayesha and Karan’s plan work out and Laxmi leaves Samar to go in Karan’s house warming party. Karan proposes her and she gets thinking about him to have a strong support to fulfill her dreams. Ayesha informs Samar that Laxmi has accepted Karan’s proposal and Samar shatters. Samar’s question raises in Laxmi’s mind of not valuing love and she stays confused.

Karan dances with Laxmi in the party and the closeness discomforts Laxmi. She sees every luxury infront of her eyes and feels something is missing. She feels upset and recalls her best friend Raj. Manav makes Samar’s AV, which will be revealing Samar Sareen to the world. Ayesha thinks once Laxmi refused Raj, Samar will never let her come back in his life. The twist will be Laxmi getting to know Raj Samosawala is actually Samar Sareen. Will she accept Raj’s love before knowing his identity or will Samar move on in life with her initiated refusal? Keep reading.






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  1. nf Avatar

    lakhmi’s gonna regret her decision very soon

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