Sam-Neil, Arjun-Radhika embark new voyages in Manmarzian



Arjun wants to meet Sam and Radhika becomes a hurdle in his plans. They have an argument on the way and he drops her midway along with the group, and leaves. He plans to meet Sam in Lonavla and make things right between them, to fool her and make her fall in his revenge net. Sam goes with Neil and a sweet bonding in seen again. Neil is getting over his love crush on Sam and wants to try hard once he sees love for him in Sam’s eyes. He does everything to keep her happy and make her move on over Arjun.

Neil wishes Sam does not return to unworthy Arjun and they embark on a completely different journey than before, while Radhika and Arjun are going on the same track of failing each other in the verbal race and game of fate. Radhika observes Arjun hiding about his family and his anger when she spoke about his mother. Arjun’s family was just Nandini, who gave the best life to an orphan. Arjun does not deter from his plan to take revenge from Samrat Khanna, holding him responsible for Nandini’s death. Radhika decides to bring out Arjun’s hidden secrets out and reaches him again to block his way to Sam. Will Radhika’s innocence calm Arjun’s anger and makes his heart peaceful? Keep reading.



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