Titu steps in Gulgule’s shoes donning the witty cap in Tu Mera Hero

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Titu tries hard to hide himself from Mukund and Rajnigandha. He continues to help Gulgule and is not aware that Surekha and Panchi has got a clue of his talent and new work. Mukund tells Rajni that he will make her plan work and they will make Gulgule leave the contest at any cost. The Agarwal family get excited to see Titu’s new work. Govind is happy with Titu’s honest attempt. Panchi tells Cheeni that today is her last day in the remand home as Titu will pay the bail bond by his hard earned money. Titu works hard and goes in the final round. He asks Gulgule to be alert of Mukund’s plans as he has an eagle eye on Titu.

Mukund and Rajni convince the judge Ehsaan and change the theme of the final round in the last moment. Gulgule worries as Titu’s poetry is of no help to him now. Titu gets helpless and goes on the stage himself, donning a new role altogether. Gulgule is deceiving Titu and his intentions come to the core, which makes Titu to step in Gulgule’s shoes and compete in the Kavi Sammelan. The next track will be showing Titu and Rajni being the final contenders in the contest and Titu’s victorious talent making everyone proud. Keep reading.

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