Zindagi Wins bids adieu with its finale Episode telecast on 13th June 2015 on Bindass TV

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Bindass TV’s first finite fiction TV series Zindagi Wins bids adieu with its finale episode telecast tonight. The show traces the journey of doctors at Lifebeat hospital – Aaliya, Ishaan, Malvika, and Veer. While on one hand, the show presents the triumph of human spirit and how life wins inspite many challenges. But on the other hand, a love story was weaved into the plot, which was initially a two-sided affair but later changed to triangular one with entry of Veer. The jealousy angle was showcased with Malvika first rejecting Ishaan and their love and asking him to move on. Aaliya and Ishaan became best of friends very soon after their initial meetup and he liked her vibrancy and attitude of listening to her heart. Both Aaliya and Malvika are contrasting personalities, and Malvika regards herself as the perfectionist. Aaliya compels Malvika to show her jealousy (via Sunday brunch party at Ishaan’s home) and in this way Ishaan learnt Malvika hasn’t moved on. Ishaan wasn’t sure about him moving on and knowing about Malvika’s jealousy feelings gave him time.

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Later on, Aaliya found herself to be in love with Ishaan – Ishq Wala Love but failed to confess her love. Ishaan-Malvika’s story also show how she initiated reconciliation after realizing her feelings and earlier mistake, and even Ishaan reciprocating to give another chance to renew their relationship, while still having some hesitation. Aaliya shows her friendship colors by stepping back after coming to know of Ishaan’s decision to give another chance to his relationship with Malvika, and even brings them close via retro party. Aaliya’s dad Major Akhter has disappeared from the battlefield and it has made her worry and she develop longing to see her dad back one day. Veer enters in her life who believes he is the reason for her dad’s disappearance but fails to tell the truth to her. He shows his care for her and soon develops love. His entry is not smooth at lifebeat as he engages in fight with Ishaan because he has also concerns for Aaliya.

The fight triggers Ishaan to realize his love for Aaliya – his best friend. But it was not easy for him to win his love. The sacrifice and compromie angle brought in to show Aaliya’s sacrificial  and selfless decision on her love for Malvika’s happiness. By then, she has re-united Malvika with her dad Dr. Bedi, and didn’t want to give problems to her. So, Aaliya accepts Veer’s love due to compromise and stays away from Ishaan.  Ishaan doesn’t want to give up and gets determined to win Aaliya’s acceptance for his love and even confesses his love to her. Aaliya and Malvika’s friendly bond breaks and even Aaliya faces ire from Malvika henceforth. The show also presents Aaliya’s weak side and in general of humans when she couldn’t cope with the revelation on how her dad went missing and Veer’s lies. She gets lost in herself with emotional breakdown and meets an accident but survives with her life winning and full recovery.

Malvika realizes how lucky she is to have a friend like Aaliya with her dad making her realize, and she mends her relationship with Aaliya. Veer’s innocence comes out and this makes Aaliya apologize to him for not trusting him earlier. She faces a dilemma to choose between Veer or Ishaan, and Malvika guides her. While Ishaan and Veer decide to leave Lifebeat and go away from Aaliya, but it was not easy for Ishaan and both Aaliya and Ishaan realized their mutual love and got strength to express to themselves with help from Veer, Malvika and others. In the end, the two best friends Ishaan and Aaliya become the lovestruck couple.

The show also focussed on doctor’s duties and responsibilities and how they find themselves facing moral dilemmas, and also highlighted different health diagnosis. The moral dilemma, doctor’s duty and human’s responsibility were highlighted by saving a terrorist life, kidney racket expose, gangrene patient of a local village. The diagnosis highlights patients with multiple personality disorder; cancer patient’s surgical treatment, mental lows and loneliness, family’s empathy & timely support. Ishaan and Aaliya also provided guidance to patients on not giving up life. Also, her learning to promise to herself on saving patient’s life and giving the best, instead of giving promise to patients on their life. She also learnt about inner strength and the sixth sense (intuition), and how they are handy in the medical profession. Coming to Malvika, in the end she realized on how she need to give a try in listening to her heart once instead from her mind and decided to pursue her work in US though knowing well she would be better off at lifebeat in India.

Zindagi Wins presented itself as a medical TV series with thoughtful subjects and the backdrop of love story. There was scope of further depth in the storyline given the core concept, but nevertheless the honesty in acting from the lead actors, and supporting ones, and the chemistry provided good entertainment and connect with viewers. Aaliya – the lead protagonist spoke of meeting again (Phir Milenge) instead of bidding adieu in the finale episode, so let’s hope we are able to see the show coming with its Season 2. Best wishes to the actors, and the team of Zindagi wins for their future work endeavors. Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka [YHA Season 2] is going to replace Zindagi Wins from next week onwards, 20th June 2015, and its telecast @ 7 PM.

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  1. Natasha Avatar

    I wish zindagi wins season 2 comes soon!

  2. Natasha Avatar

    Please bring zindagi wins season 2 please please please!!!!!!!!

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    Please !! I’m the biggest fan of zindagi wins…evry episode is just great!!no words to describe…i just love it a lot
    .i just want it to be continue…please from my bottom of my heart ..released a new season2

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