Zindagi Wins Episode 24 [Finale], 13th June 2015, Aaliya & Ishaan as the Lovestruck couple, & Happy Ending, Bindass TV – Written Update

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Aaliya thinks about how her dad’s favorite song is: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (Never say Goodbye) since he didn’t believe in the concept of Goodbye but rather believes in Seeing soon (We’ll meet again). She also doesn’t want to say goodbye to follow her dad’s footsteps. Mariyam comes and asks Aaliya to take rest since she is still under medication. Aaliya also wants to stop Veer and ponders on loving Ishaan and regards love as the complicated one. Ishaan comes and she suggests he came for psychiatric consultation. He speaks of having answers for all her questions. She asks why did he came and he speaks of not being present when she needed a friend. He speaks about Veer’s macho attitude making place in her heart. The truth is he wasn’t there and only when he saw Veer he tried to come close to her. He apologizes because all things happened because of his mistake. She asks him to not run to rectify his mistake. It turns out that Aaliya dreamed (illusion) about Ishaan there and actually Mariyam was present there.

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Mariyam suggests she haven’t seen such side-effect of medicines until now. Meanwhile, Veer is packing his bags and reminisces about his moments with Aaliya and their retro dance. At Lifebeat, Aaliya is pampered much by Sarika, Sahil grooving much to bring smile to Aaliya’s face and even taking selfies. Ishaan is seen getting ready and when he goes out of his home finds Aaliya at the doorstep smiling. He smiles knowing well it is an illusion. Aaliya meets Malvika and speaks of getting hallucinations. Malvika asks Aaliya to take decision who is better for her – Veer or Ishaan. Aaliya asks whether someone imagines what they want. Malvika talks on wanting to live in reality rather than fairy tales, and thus takes decision with mind. She also speaks of not sure of becoming a good neurosurgeon as she thinks from her mind. She learns Aaliya haven’t decided until now whom she will choose. Malvika informs Aaliya on the need for her to take a decision whether to go abroad – Royal college of surgery (US) or stay back at lifebeat.

Next, Sahil & Malvika meet Priya – a patient and her fiance, and he informs of Priya eating a ring, which was inside a pastry. Priya gets agitated while he speaks of bringing the ring with much love for his proposal. Sahil tries to give his perspective on why ring went inside. Mariyam at her end advises Aaliya to take her life decision after bringing her out in open with sky overhead. She remembers on how she met Ishaan and their friendship blossomed after saving a patient’s life, who wanted to commit suicide. She also remembers on how she wanted to reveal her feelings to Ishaan, just then Veer entered her life and she couldn’t do it. Veer calls her and wants to meet one last time as he is leaving soon. She wonders on what to say to Veer and realizes he always come in the scheme of things when she ponders about Ishaan. She wants the confusion to get clear and meets Sarika, and both go ahead to sit at the cafeteria. She looks at the astrology on TV and the expert talks on Libra sign and wants the person to choose mind over heart. Sarika asks Aaliya to not look for signs but instead think for herself.

Meanwhile, Sahil is told by Malvika that he behaves like an actor and makes further taunt that he should get back to work. Priya, the patient makes it sure that she won’t agree for the surgery. Malvika comes and suggests there is no need of surgery as high fiber food and laxatives are enough for natural removal, and then informs the surgery is needed after learning the ring is a diamond one. Priya speaks of her dream having changed to a nightmare and her fiance has hopes and shows optimism. Malvika assures Priya and asks her for trust. Aaliya in the corridor finds ishaan and thinks again it is just an illusion and turns back. However, Ishaan comes to stop her and informs she is going in the wrong direction, and she replies on not knowing the correct one. He takes her to the room and even helps in putting her on the bed, and both share sincere eyelocks. He begins to leave and Aaliya asks whether he will be leaving. He replies on having no reason to stop and asks her to sleep. She speaks on not able to sleep since whenever her eyes are closed he goes away. He gives her comfort and leaves.

Later on, Ishaan meets Malvika, and learns about Priya eating a diamond ring and she needs psychiatric consultation. Ishaan meets Priya, who speaks Rahul proposing to her after 3 years. Ishaan suggests Rahul might have taken time to think and decide and to not be in hurry. Priya doesn’t want the surgery and Ishaan suggests its not about surgery but about her future with Rahul. He speaks of surgery being a minor one siince in future they need to face more bigger problems. Priya understands Ishaan and agrees with him after he talks more on the value of trust.  Malvika asks Ishaan whether he is running and how about his trust for Aaliya. He says to Malvika that she is doing the same by going to US. But Malvika doesn’t agree and speaks of going to US to do something new since she always have done things by thinking on the end result. For the first time. she doesn’t want to listen to her mind. He speaks of missing her but she speaks of being busy to pull his leg. Ishaan showers a hug to Malvika, and suggests she will be an amazing surgeon in US.

Veer comes to meet Aaliya in her room, and also brings the home keys. Veer looks at Aaliya’s word matching game, and soon finds Ishaan at the doorstep. He speaks of her winning the game and leaves, while Ishaan stays with her. Next, Ishaan motivates Priya as she is being taken for the surgery. Malvika speaks if something need to be earned, then you don’t need to wait. Ishaan ponders and Aaliya looks at him from a distance. She goes with Veer towards the cafeteria, and on the way asks him to not go. Veer speaks that she is confused but knows what she wants. She regards veer as his good friend and wants a last favor from him. Ishaan at his end hugs Malvika and says she is the world’s best doctor and is about to leave. She reminds him on being already the world’s best doctor. She asks him to not leave otherwise he will be the world’s best loser.

Ishaan replies by saying Veer is much better for Aaliya than him. He then looks at Rahul proposing to Priya for marriage just before she is being taken for surgery. Rahul speaks of not waiting any further, and proposes to her – Will you marry me ? Priya replies yes with much happiness and glee on her face. Ishaan goes out of lifebeat and at his car ponders on his love for Aaliya and admits his love realization came late. He wants to express his love to Aaliya before leaving and will not wait any further. He gets into lifebeat and soon meets veer who speaks of an emergency involving Aaliya. Ishaan rushes to meet Aaliya with much worry and asks her about the emergency. Aaliya replies on emergency was to stop him. She talks there is no need to worry for closing her eyes anymore since he is always around. Aaliya then confesses her love to Ishaan – I love you Ishaan, and speaks of waiting for long, which was her mistake. Ishaan also doesn’t want to wait any longer since he loves her – I love you Aaliya Akhter.

Thus, Aaliya & Ishaan become the lovestruck couple and their moments are seen by Malvika, Mariyam from distance while being happy. Aaliya gets up from her wheelchair and Ishaan speaks of being worried for her. They shower a hug with all smiles. She speaks of being very happy since her heart has shown her the right direction. He gives credit to her heart and also his heart informed that he only loves her. Malvika and all are excited and there is party scene, with everyone showering their greeting to the loved couple – Ishaan & Aaliya. Veer comes to congratulate Aaliya and showers a hug, and speaks of missing her. He speaks of coming next time alongwith her dad. KD speaks of having surprise – cake, and all enjoy the cake and happy times together. The show ends on this happy note.

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    Wow atlast aaliya n ishaan were together!
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    niranjana nair

    Too nice show. Hope next season will start soon……[?][?][?]

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