Amaya and Mantu’s togetherness to irk Uma in Tere Sheher Mein

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Amaya has tried hard to end her infatuation for Mantu and met him to return his watch, but her feelings got stronger for him. She gets happy by Mantu showing his trust by asking to keep his most valuable thing – his dad’s watch. She feels she is bitten by love and gets worried on how her sisters will joke on her, knowing she is in love with Mantu. Sneha’s entry brings few tensed moments in the show, as she bursts her anger on Amaya for Gajanand’s state.

Later, it gets cleared by Mantu, who spotted Amaya at the hospital that night and he wins Amaya’s heart more ahead by ending the misunderstanding. The Mathur family starts feeling financially unstable and Mantu refers Amaya’s name for a good job to help her out. Amaya gets thankful to him, and she starts imagining him everywhere as her love gets over her head. Mantu and Amaya get together and their friendship gets strong, which irks Uma. What will Uma do to stop Amaya from entering Mantu’s life? Rachita comes to know about Rama’s engagement and decides to stop it any any cost, as Kavita is not suitable for Rama. Will Rachita succeed in bringing out Kavita’s truth? Keep reading.






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    Nice spoiler ,i love it

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