Mahendra and his son Abhay’s truth exposed; More twists ahead in Diya Aur…

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dabh sooraj

Sooraj and the team struggle a lot in the 2nd match. The team stays in the tournament and Sooraj tells Sandhya about his doubt on a traitor in the team, who has spoiled his shoes, Ratan’s hearing aid and kept oil bottle to provoke Prem to cheat. He confides to Sandhya that someone does not want Rajputana team to win. Sandhya takes the task and gets some clues to find out that the coach Mahendra is the traitor. She informs Sooraj, who finds it hard to believe.

Later, Sandhya tells him that Mahendra is actually Abhay’s father, as Abhay is his illegitimate child and Mahendra has kept this truth hidden even from Aditi. Sooraj and Sandhya rush to Aditi and the entire team, thus exposing Mahendra’s true face. Everything gets cleared by Sooraj’s efforts and Aditi kicks out Mahendra from the coach post, losing trust on him. Mahendra meets Avinash and instigates him against Sooraj. Will Avinash get against Sooraj? Keep reading.






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