Misha ploys to separate Sid and Roshni in Jamai Raja


jamai raja211

Sid gets angry on Roshni for some reason and scolds her, but then realizes his mistake and thinks to make up with her. Sid sings SRK song and tries to woo Roshni like a true hero in a filmy style. Sid tries hard to make up with her and gives her balloons, and a bouquet. Sid walks behind Roshni and sings romantic song, but Roshni pretends to be unaffected and angry. She feels it is the best way to make up and is happy to get Sid’s attention in her heart.


Later on, Sid and Roshni come for dinner with their family members. It is actually a surprise for Roshni from Sid’s side. He planned this surprise to make her realize his love for her and to make her calm down from angry mood. They had a fight before, Sid realizes his mistake and thinks to patch up with her. Sid dances with Roshni on a romantic number, and takes her for a dinner date. Misha gets a call and is ready to bring a twist in Sid’s life by making him apart from Roshni. The upcoming track will be Simran’s hatred for Roshni and her wish that Roshni leaves from Sid’s life. Simran will be taking Misha’s help in separating the lovers. Keep reading.


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