Bhaiya ji vents his anger on Arjun; Manohar to support Ishwar in Udaan



Baa asks Manohar to let Ishwar go with the papers, to seek her forgiveness. Manohar worries of Bhaiya ji’s reaction and still agrees to Baa saying he is not a bad son. He tells Ishwar that he has betrayed Bhaiya ji and is afraid of the consequences. He takes Ishwar in his jeep to the Sitapur police station to file case against Bhaiya ji.

Abha gets worried seeing Arjun tied to Bhaiya ji’s jeep. Bhagya cries as Arjun gets wounded while dragged by the jeep. Abha calls Ishwar and fails to inform him. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to call out the entire village to show them what is the result when anyone goes against him, and this time Arjun has insulted Devi Maa and tried to marry her. Lakhan locks Abha and the kids inside a hut. Chakor tells everyone what happened with Arjun. Imli and Sheru gather all the village kids to help out Chakor. Chakor worries thinking about Arjun’s punishment and prays that Ishwar comes soon. Will Ishwar be able to stop Bhaiya ji’s evil? Keep reading.


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