Garudas to enter terracotta world and unravel the seven doors to Amrit in MahaKumbh

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The minister’s granddaughter shows trust in Rudra and asks him to get Ganga Maiyya back as he is their super hero. Rudra promises her that he will not let the devotee’s belief break. Rudra tells them that Ganga river will flow again and start from this point itself in the Kumbh. The Garudas prepare themselves and leave together to fulfill their task of getting Ganga back. The girl asks Bhairavi about their whereabouts and prays that they all succeed. The Garudas set out to look for Ganga and reach the terracotta world, deep inside the earth layers. Rudra and Shivanand guide the Garudas and they meet some person. Shivanand talks to him and says they have come to protect Amrit.

Dansh also sets on the same mission to claim his right on Amrit, while the Naags team is inside the tunnel and proceeding their way to the terracotta world. Rudra recalls Bhairavi’s instructions of always taking the right direction. Sooner, the Garudas reach the seven door to reach Amrit, and also realize the upcoming unseen dangers behind the doors. How will the Garudas face the dangers and protect Amrit? Keep reading.






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