Dylan to stop Dabbu and Aseem’s engagement in Dilli Wali…


dilli dylan


Dylan alerts Dabbu about Aseem. Dabbu does not believe him and shows huge trust on Aseem. She asks Dylan not to interfere in her life and keeps the marriage date immediately after the engagement. Dabbu stays irritated at home and does not show any enthusiasm towards Aseem and their new relation. Mamta and LN start worrying seeing Dabbu upset. Dabbu tells them that she will be going office even on her engagement day. She tries to be away from the preparations that is hurting her heart even more.

She does not find Dylan at office and wonders where did he do. Dylan goes to Mumbai to get proof against Aseem and meets few people who know Aseem well. He gathers a recording to bring out Aseem’s truth and rushes to stop Dabbu’s engagement. Dabbu and Aseem meet in their engagement and Aseem feels he is close to victory now. Will Dylan prove Aseem’s truth? Keep reading.


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