Krishna to annoy Dadi; Dadi to fall in her own trap in Suhani Si…



Krishna and Soumya have called up guests home and kept a Mujra to create irritation in Birla’s family member’s hearts. Suhani’s inlaws home has turned into a Mujra place. The lady dances and sings Bhajan, based on Suhani’s request. Radhe tries to trouble them and Suhani stops Radhe from creating a scene. Suhani asks Krishna not to bring disrespect their family and not keep any Mujra performance. Dadi stops the lady and the lady sings the Bhajan. Krishna gets angry and Lalita holds her head as Suhani flopped their plan.

Lalita makes Suhani fall and Suhani accidentally puts water on Radhe. Krishna starts insulting her and taunts her on her bad upbringing. Krishna and his family end up all the food and ask Dadi to cook more food for them. They don’t give any food to Birla Family. Yuvraaj scolds Krishna for disrespecting Dadi. Dadi agrees to make the food and gets into pressure. Krishna gets to know about Dadi and Menka doing the complaint and tries to expose Dadi’s truth. Krishna has many plans to trouble them in the 15 days stay in Birla house. What will Krishna do to expose Dadi’s evil face to her grandsons? Keep reading.


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