Laxmi to win the contest and meet Samar Sareen in Dream Girl

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Laxmi tells Ayesha that she has found true love and Ayesha gets worried that Laxmi really loves Raj. She gets to know Laxmi has left letter for Raj in the green room and plans to get the letter. Samar also goes to get ready in the same green room and finds the letter box. Ayesha sends her assistant to take the letter before it reaches Samar. Samar misses the letter and waits for his entry on the stage.

Laxmi and Ayesha have a dance faceoff where Laxmi falls in between the performance. She gains strength recalling her dad and Raj’s words and dances again. Ayesha gets overconfident with Laxmi’s fall and loses in the faceoff. Laxmi wins the Dream Girl contest and looks for her biggest supporter Raj around, to admit her love for her. The moment comes when Samar is called on the stage. How will she react seeing her Raj Samosewala as Samar Sareen? Keep reading.






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    lookng forward to SaMi reunion soooon

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