Nisha & Kabir’s Love reunion and togetherness await for misunderstanding to get clear

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It is said to not wait much longer to express and confess your love to the one whom you loves much since either you will be going to lose love or need to prepare to face challenges: becoming the victim of misunderstanding, new hurdles, not finding the right time to express love, and so forth. Nisha & Kabir find themselves in a similar situation with Vasundara’s ploy doing all the damage.

Kabir couldn’t leave to London, far away from Nisha as he loves her much and became a victim of the misunderstanding created by her mom. He only wants to see Nisha’s happiness and believes she loves Viraj, and is mistaken. When Kabir left her, Nisha got inhibitions whether Kabir loves her or not but soon she realizes she loves Kabir much and is sure he will also return for their love, and waits for him earnestly. With Vasundara’s ploy, Kabir returned his love to Viraj in a sacrificial form. Viraj is blinded in love with Nisha while she makes him clear about her identity and marriage with Kabir, which she takes it with much devotion.

Vasu’s lies and unreasonable revenge brought pain for Nisha, and she finds happiness to inflict such pain.  Additionally, Vasu vows to seperate Nisha & Kabir forever. Kabir would be getting cleared of the misunderstanding about Nisha and knowing the truth: She loves him and not Viraj, and also couldn’t succeed to stop him when he was going away. All this will be going to pave the way for their love reunion. On other front, Viraj’s identity truth and relationship with Kabir has not yet revealed and will unravel soon. Also, Vasundara’s lies and Viraj’s identity revelations will reinforce steps in bringing Nisha & Kabir together yet again.


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