Riya to confess love to Shivam; Shanti and Riya to clash in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Pari is not happy with the proposal she got and seeks help from Shanti. Shanti is displeased knowing about the guy, who runs a business of providing canteen food items in Ashok’s canteen. She goes to Sarla’s house and argues with Ashok. While the guy’s family comes to see Pari, Shanti spoils everything and ends the alliance. Ashok gets upset with this and Shanti in her usual taunting style asks him not to make Pari’s life as Sarla’s. Shanti and Riya meet on the way again. Riya drives her scooty and the dirt falls on Shanti’s saree. Shanti gets angry seeing her and scolds her another time. She forms a hatred for Riya, not knowing Riya is keen to marry Shivam.


Shivam stays away from Riya and she asks him the reason of his strange behavior. Riya asks does he have any GF for whom he hurries up everyday. Riya shows her interest in Shivam, while he worries for Raghav and Shanti’s reaction about Riya, if he reciprocates to her feelings. Shivam meets Riya at the restaurant and spots Shanti there. He hides with Riya, while Shanti wants to know about Shivam’s lady love. Riya decides to confess her feelings for Shivam. What will be Shivam’s reply to her? Keep reading.


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