Sandhya to fulfill duty towards country over family in Diya Aur…

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Sandhya tells Zakir that Sooraj has won everything today and got respect in Ved’s eyes. She gets a secret mission on natural security and asks her not to give any info her to family or department. The senior asks her to forget that she has a family. A mission which can shatter her relations lands in her hand. Sandhya recalls her duty towards her country for which she has sworn at the time of joining, and also her duty towards her family. She thinks about oath to serve the country and her marriage vows with Sooraj.

She thinks about growing age of Bhabho and Babasa, Chavi and Zakir’s marriage responsibility, and most of all her little son who needs her always. Bharat asks her answer and she says its her yes for the mission. Zakir does not know the confidentiality extent and teases her that he gets often jealous by her seeing her grab all the best opportunities to prove her talent. She cries holding up emotions in her heart and realizing she has to get away from her family now. How will Rathi family react to this big step? Keep reading.

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