Gulgule to put theft blame on Titu in Tu Mera Hero


tu mera hero titu

Titu has succeeded to bring his hard earned money from Gulgule. He reaches Panchi while everyone was waiting for him at the remand home. Panchi gets glad to know Titu has earned money and started working. But her happiness is short lived as police comes there to arrest Titu for stealing money from Gulgule. Gulgule files complaint against Titu being annoyed with him to get Ehsaan’s precious stick. Titu defends himself and tells everyone how he has written poetry and made Gulgule win the Kavi Sammelan.


Titu tells them how Gulgule has cheated him, and hence he has forcefully taken his earnings from him. Panchi does not believe him and slaps Titu infront of everyone. Panchi thinks he has stolen money to free her. Titu gets sad that Panchi did not trust him. Panchi goes far from Titu, which makes Titu realize his feelings for Panchi. While Titu comes back home alone, he misses Panchi. The family finds a great change in him and understands that Titu is finally in love. Will Titu be able to get Panchi back? Keep reading.

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