Kokila’s strict dose to reform Meera begins in Saathiya….

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saathiya kokila

Gopi tries to open Meera’s eyes and shows the message sent by Sanskaar. Meera reads it and screams out No, Sanskaar can’t cheat me. She gets heart broken and shatters. Meera understands Sanskaar cheated her and apologizes to Ahem, changing her colors suddenly. She gets ready to go home with them and plans something in her mind.

Kokila has new task to change Meera. She has a record of changing many people till now. Meera troubles Gopi at the dining table. Kokila says whoever hurts Modi family will be punished. She scares her that she will handover Meera to police, who can reform any spoilt brat. Meera changes her tone and apologizes to Kokila. She accepts her mistake and asks her not to give her in police. She knows Kokila’s authoritative nature. Meera ends her tantrums and obeys Kokila. Kokila loves Meera and wants to make her value family. Gopi scolds Paridhi and asks her to love Rashi. She asks how did Paridhi become stone hearted. Paridhi says its not her mistake. Gopi says Rashi’s hand got burnt and Paridhi was careless. She says Paridhi could not manage Rashi well and is totally irresponsible. Gopi and Kokila team up to change Paridhi and Meera. Will Meera get reformed and value her mother Gopi? Keep reading.






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