New tracks to intensify drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman and Ishita’s proximity is always short-lived. Whenever the vamp or the villain has given up, the couple finds some or the other reason to dig valleys between them. This time, its Adi who had been undergoing counseling to get relieve from mental stress. Adi did not ever wish to break his parents, and has become a reason for their quarrel. Adi has found a wonderful friend in Vinni and Ishita’s Jagga Jasoos habits never gets down. After her step to place camera in his room, Adi has lost trust on her. Vinni asks Adi to seek his mum’s permission to continue friendship and he feels bad on growing control by Ishita.

Raman’s investor Thakkar is gaining profits from Raman and Ashok’s rivalry and is very business minded. He uses Vinni-Adi’s friendship to humiliate Raman, holding some personal grudge against him. The show will be having a new member in the show, that’s Vandu’s baby. Vandu’s delivery track is next. Vandu starts getting labor pain while she is at Bhalla house. Raman, Romi and Abhishek panic and take care of her being worried for the baby. Vandu tells them that the baby is going to come soon. They make her rest on the sofa and fan air for easy breathing. How will the guys manage this tough situation? Will the bits of humor, drama, evil tracks, romance and sudden jitters lift the show every time? Abhishek and Mihika’s love track is going on right now, while Abhishek will be finding Romi’s truth to be the man who cheated Sarika. With parallel tracks going on, the leap will certainly take time. Keep reading.






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