Emotional Atyachaar 5 26th June 2015 Episode 14, ‘Science of catching a Cheater’, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Promo

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Pravesh Rana - Emotional Atyachaar

This story is about Ricky, a forensic student who gets into a first time relationship with a girl Shreya and falls in love with her. Shreya and Ricky are no match as she belongs to a different league. Their relationship were going fine until one day he found a condom packet in Shreya’s purse which shook his trust on her. He also found two condoms missing and began to suspect her of cheating since he and Shreya had never got intimate because he preferred to wait for the right moment. He decides to share the suspicion with his friends who then decide to help him in investigating the truth. Because of his forensic studies, he was able to collect three fingerprints on the packet and wants to know to whom it belongs.

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Ricky and friends begin their investigation by following Wendell for whom shreya has a crush. They manage to get his debit card and collected his finger print. The forensic result ruled out Wendell not matching any one of the three fingerprints, and Ricky’s colleague suggests Shreya is not cheating. Ricky gets distraught since he had a strong suspicion on her but he wasn’t getting convincing leads and evidence to concur with his believe. Shreya is shown to share intimate moments with someone and has cheated on Ricky. The broader question and the thrust is on Shreya’s betrayal towards Ricky and why she engage in it. Will Ricky utilize his forensic knowledge and science further to ascertain the cheating from Shreya ? Stay tuned to Emotional Atyachaar this Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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