Helena’s ploy of fire to usurp the Maurya Throne and take lives gets underway…

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Helena’s ploy with the king Raj to destroy Mauryas are underway. She wants to Bindusara and the Mauryas royals. She burns down the palace with help from her soldiers resulting in chaos and panic with Bindusara and his soldiers getting a severe hit. Chanakya came to know of the impending attack on the palace but before he could inform Bindusara he was attacked. His life got saved thanks to Dharma’s timely help. Amidst the attack, Justin and Agni’s marriage which was planned didn’t complete. Agni has seen Justin’s love for Noor many times and carries revenge against him. During the course of the attack, Bindusara faces many concerns as Drupat from royal school and even Ashoka gets arrested by enemy soldiers.

There is also internal conflict between the partners in crime – Nicator and king Raj as they hurl wild charges of betrayal against each other for their advantage. Bindusara’s ally and brother-in law Khurasan puts effort to manage the critical situation and provide some help to Bindusara in taking decisions to alleviate the burning palace fire. Helena has the ploy and plotting in her mind since long time when she made the impact with the king Raj and now she succeeded in inflicting harm to Mauryas. It has to be seen whether Ashoka manages to overpower Helena’s soldiers by escaping from custody. Moreover, the possibility of Ashoka managing to save Bindusara’s life is low as the fire situation has turned grave, and also of him able to reach Chanakya and Dharma is uncertain. How the future of Mauryas especially Ashoka, and Pataliputra will be shaped and affected with Helena’s ploy of fire ?

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  1. arup Avatar

    Ashoka serial is totally a personnal story by the producer. Here Chanayaka’s capability is shrinking. This is ridiculas.

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