Chakor to witness Manohar’s devious face in Udaan



Chakor gets happy to realize that she can go her home now having got freed by the bandhua’s tag. She meets Vivaan, Aditya and Ragini for the final time in the haveli. She asks them to come and meet her here in the village and also asks Ragini to come along to stay with her. She sees Ragini sad after her parents’ arrest and wants to ensure some happy time for Ragini in her home with Imli and Sheru. While Ragini agrees to go with Chakor, Suraj yells at Chakor and stops Ragini to go with her. He asks Chakor to go alone and takes Ragini with him.

Bhagya looks for Chakor and lands up at Manohar’s room where she hears Manohar and Lakhan planning against Ishwar and Chakor. Manohar tells Lakhan that they need to gather proof to free Bhaiya ji and then they will not spare Ishwar and Chakor. Bhagya repeats the words after them and Manohar spots her. He gets angry and asks what did she hear. He aims gun at her and Chakor reaches there on time. She gets shocked to see Manohar did not change and was just acting. Manohar sees Chakor and starts drama again. Chakor takes Bhagya and leaves, while Bhagya tries to tell her what she has heard there. Will Chakor find about Manohar’s plans in making? Keep reading.


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