Dhruv bonds with Thapki; Vasundara decides to get them married in Thapki Pyaar Ki…

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Dhruv likes Thapki’s politeness and decency. She explains him the significance of colors in life. She colors his white plaster and Vasundara sees them. She gets glad to see Thapki filling colors in Dhruv’s life. Nimmi has agreed to fix her daughter’s marriage with Diwakar. Thapki’s family hides this from her and later Nimmi takes her to meet Diwakar. It’s a miss situation. Later, Vasundara still tries to see if Thapki is the idea girl for Dhruv. She asks Thapki to get the entire family for the puja. Thapki has already won Bau ji’s heart and trust and she convinces him easily to come for the puja. Vasundara gets happy seeing Dhruv and his dad Balwinder attending puja together. She thinks Thapki has passed in this test of uniting the family.

Sakshi gets angered on Thapki seeing how she is eating up all the credits every time and conducts a mock interview wherein she humiliates Thapki for her stammering problem. Thapki takes someone’s interview and her stammering becomes a big problem in her eyes. She breaks down seeing everyone laugh on her and confidence dips. Dhruv gets to know about this. Thapki goes home and cries recalling the incident. Dhruv visits her at home and takes her to office, where he has kept a real interview to be conducted by Thapki. He motivates Thapki and boosts her confidence, much to Sakshi’s shock. Dhruv finds a good friend in Thapki and Vasundara decides to turn this friendship into a strong relation of marriage. Will Vasundara get to know about Thapki’s stammering and still accept her? Keep reading.






6 responses to “Dhruv bonds with Thapki; Vasundara decides to get them married in Thapki Pyaar Ki…”

  1. muniba Avatar

    i want thapki and dhruv to be in love and merry(despite the fact i know it will happen)

  2. jaina Avatar

    I love them both, I want them to marry.

  3. Singi Avatar

    Thapki and Dhruv make a good match.Like in IPKKND , if you can put more “Hero wala” acts in Dhruv role , would be more interesting. According to my view Dhruv shouldn’t say “I love you Thapki” soon so that the serial will get bored. I like to see Dhruv saving Thapki scenes, More “Ishq wala Love” scenes……

  4. vani Avatar

    please thapki and dhuru get married as early as possible. we see that nice episode

  5. rochelle Avatar

    i want dhruv to marry thapki
    i want bihaan to marry aditi
    i want them all to have babies

  6. vani Avatar

    we want dhuru to marry thapki . This happend as early as possible. To add some romantic dcenes between dhuru and thapki. Please let them marry them both Early

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