Misha triggers a bottleneck in Sid and Roshni’s just renewed relationship


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Sid and Roshni got reunited¬†and renewed their relationship because of love and spend good times together. Sid’s mom Simran enacted to be happy but her innerself is agitated much. Kritika is also upset with Sid bringing back Roshni in his life. Soon after, Meesha’s presence have brought some hurdles in Roshni-Sid’s relationship. Misha has staged a goon attack on herself, boyfriend Neil, and Roshni-Sid. As a result of the attack, Sid gets injured but recovers quickly and he finds Misha to be taken away by goons while Roshni and Neil aren’t harmed or taken away much.

Later on, Misha’s plan worked since Sid feels guilty to not properly care and protect his best friend from the goons. He laments on that fact and moves away from Roshni. He finds Misha to bore the brunt of the goons by means of physical assault and gets more emotional to see her condition. He isn’t aware of the attack being staged and fake. Things start to favor Misha and the doctors who treat her reveals to Sid that she is suffering a memory block condition wherein she will only feel confident with the ones she knew few years ago. Misha leverages doctor’s analysis of her condition and asks Sid to not leave her. She makes a remark asking Roshni to not come in between her and Sid. Roshni gets a shock with Misha’s words but she also realizes Misha’s condition so takes a lighter approach, and even had earlier consoled Sid on his best friend’s health condition. Will Sid get over his guilt towards Misha, or take it more seriosuly ?


While Misha’s primary motives are clear: she wants to come close to Sid and drift Roshni away. But it isn’t clear what are the compelling reasons for her to do so, whether she is compelled or forced, or doing all by her free will because of own feelings and emotional state. On other front, Shiv and DD are having honeymoon but DD senses something amiss regarding Roshni and gets worried. Shiv consolidates her to provide relief. Whether it is going to be Shiv and DD’s turn now to put Sid and Roshni’s relationship back on track ?

Promo: Roshni insists Sid to have engagement with Misha for her well-being
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