Nisha Aur Uske Cousins to bid adieu on a happy note with Nisha-Kabir’s Love & Family Reunion

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Nisha and Kabir’s misunderstanding gets further aggravated after the divorce papers supposedly sent by him, which gives a shock to Nisha and her parents. All this is done by Kabir’s mom Vasundara who is hell bent on separating the lovers and break the marriage. The divorce letter stalls Nisha’s plan to visit London since she thinks Kabir is staying there and actually isn’t aware Kabir is still in Jaipur and couldn’t able to go far from her. Kabir is mistaken on what Nisha really wants, and staying away for her happiness.

Of late, Viraj has been introspecting on Nisha’s happiness and whether she will be happy with him. Nisha makes him clear again after the divorce development that he can marry her but she will be like a lifeless person. Nisha’s words cast an impression on Viraj and the realization of Nisha’s true happiness is not with him comes to forefront. It was expected that Viraj letting go of Nisha and stepping back so that Nisha come face-to-face with Kabir and sorting their issues and misunderstanding. Well, the things fall in place in the same manner and Kabir coming to meet Nisha after realizing his mom’s ploys and plotting which resulted in the misunderstanding. Finally, in the end Kabir proposes to Nisha in-front of her entire family and they become the lovestruck married couple.

There are few developments yet remaining: Viraj & Kabir’s truth of being brothers, Vasundara realizing her guilt: separating Nisha-Kabir, her lies about relationship with Ramesh, and accepting Nisha-Kabir; Dolly accepting Sourabh wholeheartedly and their marriage, and the fate of Sumeet and his mom Leela.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins showed a coming-of age story of Nisha & her cousins, and also dealt in tackling some social issues: Kirti’s to be in-laws harassing her for dowry and cheating; and recent one of Dolly not succumbing to abuse from her husband Sumeet, and valuing her self-respect and identity. The show bids adieu this Saturday @ 27th June, 2015. Stay tuned to NAUC in its final week. We wish the entire cast and NAUC team the very best in their future work endeavors.


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  1. Devga Avatar

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 nooooooooooo nauc should not go off air………. will miss nibir the most ….. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 wanna c nibir’s pair once again ……

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