Rohan to take revenge from Astha; Kajal to get Sareens arrested in Shastri Sisters

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Rohan gets humiliated by the women protestors and they blacken her face taunting him on his evil character for molesting Astha. Vrinda gets shattered seeing Rohan’s state and tells him that this was the reason she wanted him to stop court trials. Rohan gets raged seeing the family facing problems because of Astha and goes to Astha’s home. Alka gets to know that Rohan has done to meet Astha and calls him. Rohan does not take her call and Alka gets worried.

Rohan reaches Astha’s home and scolds her for her cheapness and dirty tricks to bring shame to their family. Astha sees him mad in anger and asks him to leave from her home. Rohan angrily tries to molest her, according to her fake blame and Alka enters the home. She stops Rohan and takes him along. Astha gets shocked by Rohan’s changed behavior. Alka brings Rohan home and confronts him about this nasty behavior. Rohan shares his pain with her and says Astha has ruined their lives. Will Astha free Rohan off the blames? On the other hand, Kajal has been playing safe and mad police doubt on Sareens for her disappearance. Inspector Guggal decides to find the real culprit and arrest Sareens for Kajal’s murder blame. Will Kajal’s truth come out? Keep reading.






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