Abeer regards falling in Love again as risky because of his bitter past in Badtameez Dil…

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Abeer in Badtameez Dil

Abeer and Meher come face-to-face at Groove music channel, and several years have passed since their break-up in love. Abeer works as a musician and V.J, while Meher joins the channel as its business head. Both cannot see eye to eye because of their hatred for each other, which also has an element of ego imbibed in it. They aren’t afraid to make taunts at each other and haven’t forgotten their past.  Later on, there is a party at the music channel office to celebrate 500 episodes completion with Abeer. Abeer takes the centre stage and gets applauded by everyone for his contribution. There is also cake cutting ceremony and one of his colleague makes him take a bite of it.

Meher also attends the party and looks at Abeer. Abeer comes towards her with the cake and she thinks he wants to make her eat but it turns out otherwise. Abeer fools her and directs the cake to his senior colleague. Moreover, he reminds his colleague on the old adage: sharing food results in increase in love. And then turns to make a taunt at Meher by hinting at not sharing food since he won’t take the risk of falling in love again. Abeer’s hatred towards Meher compels him to stay away from love. What made Abeer to develop hatred for Meher, and whether there is any chance of reconciliation between them ?

One of the taglines of the show is – Sometimes, the heart becomes the villain of our own love story. The show’s story follows the non-linear pattern of storytelling, which means the switch between present and past will be there. Badtameez Dil… , going to start from 29th June, 2015 (Monday) on Star Plus @ 8:30 PM. Stay tuned for it.

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Unplugged Version of title song Mere Nishan..:
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/DHu7DPE27bM]


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