Amaya to make Mantu realize love; Rudra to trouble Mathurs in Tere Sheher Mein

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Amaya has realized that Mantu loves her too. Barfi questions Mantu about any feelings for Amaya. Mantu tells him that Amaya can’t adjust with him and she is not the one who can take care of him and Chiklu. He says he can never love Amaya and she is good as his friend. Amaya gets angered when Mantu does not inform her before leaving. Mantu messages her good night and she jumps happily, realizing Mantu is also thinking about her as she does. They meet at office next day and she tries to know his likes and dislikes. Rudra and Kaushalya start dominating Sneha’s home by showing fake concern and sugary talks. This makes Jaz doubt on their intentions. Kaushalya troubles them on context on rituals and traditions.

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Rama’s mum hears Rachita triggering Rama on not marrying Kavita and stopping the engagement. Rama has done his bit to bring out Kavita’s true face out and Kavita refuses for the engagement. Rama’s mum holds Rachita responsible for this and starts hating her. Rama thinks Rachita loves him and that’s why she has stopped him from getting engaged to Kavita. Will Rama realize Rachita’s friendly concern? Will Amaya make Mantu realize his feelings for her? Keep reading.



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