Ananya’s Love for Kabir gains momentum, and her love confession awaits in Reporters

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Ananya and Kabir’s unspoken love story progresses further with Ananya opening up about her love for him in-front of her mom. She accepts on loving Kabir and just recently rejected Ronnie’s proposal which gives him a heartbreak. Ronnie tries to stay away from Ananya and ignore her. Later on, Ananya couldn’t conceal her love for Kabir when the book author Nalini speaks up to her on seeing love in her eyes. Kabir at his end holds on to his feelings for Ananya after she vented out her frustation and angst on him in his cabin. She never thought Kabir will be hearing her outburst in first place. The tag on Kabir of being a womaniser and his alleged past affair with Taruni and relationship with her child is to his disadvantage. On one hand, Ananya puts effort to revive her friendship with Ronnie since she regards him as her best friend, and on other hand, Kabir needs a push and trigger to open-up on his feelings to Ananya. He is not worried of what others perceived of him and is honest about it.

Not only Ananya is steered towards her love for Kabir but she also gets jealous and gets insecure since Malvika is also much interested in him. Malvika knows Kabir would consider her as a not good match for him so her efforts could be futile. But she still persists to find ways to come closer to Kabir and make Ananya jealous. Amidst this love story, friendship and rejection backdrop, KKN news channel is going for a merger with Kabir leading from front and the channel’s owner KL has given his approval. If the merger materializes, then Kabir’s work responsibility going to increase further. In this scenario, Will Kabir be in a position to express his love to Ananya, or accept Ananya’s love when she confesses to him ?


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