Kajal to rule over Sareen Family, Neil and Devyaani bond again in Shastri Sisters

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Astha gets a lesson of life after Rohan scared her of molestation and made her realize how badly she blamed him. Alka stays annoyed with Rohan and tells him that this mistake is bigger than their strong love. Alka does no forgive Rohan and asks him to fight for justice in court. Alka gets evidence against Astha and shares with Rohan. Astha gets some sense and thinks to take the case back from Rohan and remove all the charges. Alka and Rohan’s relation gets a laidback.

On the other hand, Kajal lands in Sareen house and acts great by taking back the missing case from Sareen family’s name. She stops their arrest and starts commanding over them at home as their owner. She talks to everyone with disrespect and threatens them of police and inspector Guggal. She asks them to be obedient towards her and Kajal and Leela start ruling over Sareens. Anu and Minty think what to do of Kajal, and wait for Rajat to come back. Neil and Devyaani bond again and he asks her help to help his family from Kajal. Neil has helped Devyaani in getting proof against Astha and she agrees to help him. How will Sareen family end Kajal’s evil? Keep reading.



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2 responses to “Kajal to rule over Sareen Family, Neil and Devyaani bond again in Shastri Sisters”

  1. Appu Avatar

    Now deveel will be united soon and if rajat comes back,anuraj also

  2. enaya Avatar

    that’s really good one!!! but what about leap??? in which they tell that neil and devyani far apart!!!

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