Laxmi vows to win Samar’s love; Ayesha plots against her in Dream Girl



Samar stays annoyed with Laxmi and also hurts her in the coordination workshop. Laxmi still tries to end his annoyance and Karan helps her. Ayesha plans against Laxmi and fills Samar’s ears against her. Laxmi fails by her many attempts and decides to quit her dream girl career and also leave the movie. She tells Samar that she will not hurt him more by her presence and go back to Jodhpur. Samar gets angered on her and explains her how the movie matters to Manav, its his ambitious project which he wants to do since years. He says he will not let her ruin Manav’s dreams and this isn’t a joke that she can come and leave Navrang anytime. He yells on her and takes her for the shot. He proposes her in the scene and gives a perfect shot, and pleases Manav.


He later tells Laxmi that he will never forgive her and their close proximity can never get real. Laxmi cries and Karan gives her a friendly support. Samar gets angry seeing Laxmi and Karan, and Ayesha asks him not to fall for Laxmi’s fake tears. She asks him to make his heartbreak his strength. He tells Ayesha that he is bearing Laxmi just for the movie and there is nothing between them. Ayesha gets glad on knowing this and takes Karan’s challenge of uniting Laxmi and Samar light. Laxmi vows to turn Samar into her love Raj. Will she succeed? Keep reading.



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