Nisha & Kabir’s love reunion marks NAUC’s happy ending; Memories: Funniest & Difficult moments

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Nisha and Kabir

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Vasundara’s health starts to deteriorate and finally she reveals to Nisha and Ramesh about Viraj and Kabir’s relationship as brothers. Nisha comes and reveals to Kabir that Viraj is his brother and thereby stops their fight. She shows the Viraj’s childhood photo as the proof to back her claim. Viraj apologizes to Nisha and she speaks of happy for both since he met his younger brother. Kabir and Viraj have an emotional hug. Viraj opens-up on being alone for all these years since his mom Vasundara deserted him and cries. Viraj’s identity as Kabir’s elder brother also comes to the knowledge of Nisha’s Dada ji. Viraj comes and apologizes to Dada ji for his past behavior and speaks of leaving the city. He asks Nisha-Kabir to take care of themselves and presents the house as the wedding present and transfers the ownership.

Kabir requests him to not leave but Viraj insists on leaving by assuring he will be with him when needed. Viraj opens-up to Vasundara on how he wondered for so much time on why his mom left him. She replies on fleeing to protect Kabir from his grand dad. Viraj then asks her why she took revenge against Nisha and her family. He decides to leave from her so to give punishment to her for making efforts to separate the lovers. Nisha and Kabir go on to have their Nok-Jhok and petty fights. The cousins pulls Kabir’s leg and ask whether he confessed love to Nisha. He replies on the difficulty in proposing to Nisha. The cousins plan to make sure Kabir finally confesses love to Nisha. Finally, in the end, Kabir proposes to Nisha in-front of her family and vows to take care of her all through his life. Both have an emotional hug to become lovestruck.

Memories: Funniest Moments
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Difficult Moments:
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