Raman and Ishita’s romantic union after concluding Adi’s matter in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Ishita tells Raman that he saved Adi from her anger else Adi would have been slapped by her. They argue again over Adi. Ishita tells him that Adi does mistakes again and again. Ishita tells that Adi was at Vinni’s home watching an ‘A’ Certificate movie and got caught by Vinni’s dad. Raman holds his head and sits tensed. Ishita tells the entire matter to him how Vinni’s dad has warned Adi again. She has supported Adi infront of him and brought him home to seek an answer from him. Ishita regards Vinni to be a spoiled kid who is badly influencing Adi.

Later on, Raman and Ishita are called at school and principal complains them about Adi again. Raman really finds Ishita’s worry right and thinks Adi is getting out of control. The principal wants to suspend Aditya and Vinni from the school. Ishitya defends Adi and Vinni and tells the principal that they can’t judge the kids on few instances and convinces her to give them a chance. The principal does not suspend the kids. Adi and Vinni thank Ishita and hugs her. Ishita’s doubt on Vinni gets cleared and she gives her yes to Adi and Vinni’s friendship. Raman gets glad to see Ishita managing Adi well. Abhishek got to know about Romi finding Sarika and tries finding whether Romi has ditched Sarika. What will be Abhishek’s reaction on finding the truth? After solving Adi’s matter, Raman and Ishita will be seen in peace and romancing. Keep reading.


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