Rudra to save Dansh from King Bali; Garudas and Naags team up in Mahakumbh

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Garudas and the Naags find the door to the next terracotta region and Rudra makes it late in order to save Thapadiya Maai. She was caught under the big boulders and Rudra brings her back. The Garudas wait for them near the door and can’t proceed without the Garuda head Rudra. Thapadiya Maai slaps Rudra and asks him why did he not go leaving her as she would have sacrificed herself in their aim. Rudra tells her that she is like his mother and hugs her. Dansh gets restless as sunset happens and fears of Bali. King Bali gets active again. He attacks Dansh and a fight begins again.

The Garudas look on and realize Dansh can’t survive by Bali’s attack. Bali pushes Dansh and uses his sword to stab him. Rudra comes in nick of the time and stops King Bali. He asks Bali to listen to him before killing Dansh and tries to end his enmity towards Naags. He says Dansh would have gone ahead in the next region, but did not go without the Garudas and showed Naag’s loyalty. He defends Dansh and tries saving him. Will King Bali spare Dansh’s life? The show will be bringing more of powerful mythological characters to make the way to Amrit more tough for the Garudas and Naags. Keep reading.



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