Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 2 starring Roshmita Rahaman & Nakul Sahadev, 27th June 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks about how mind and heart goes on vacation when love comes into the picture since it is not easy. Today’s story is about Rio and Sneha who are best of friends but when it comes to love they also come across confusion.

The story starts with Rio taking the award for Comic Laudes 2015 in a drunken state and recognized for his comic superhero – Agniman. He comes on stage to accept the award accompanied by friend Shashank and speaks of loving Agniman with drunken voice. He speaks of wanting to write the end of story and soon pukes there on stage. He is taken to the hospital and the doctor informs him on how a young person died after taking 24 Vodka shots at once. He replies in same inebriated state on taking 26 shots and is still alive. Soon after, starts to cry when his mom arrives and speaks of wanting to see Sneha and stop her since she is leaving.


The story moves back by a month. Reyansh aka Rio and Sneha are playing a cricket video game at his home. He is told to clean his room sometimes by his mom who was about to leave. She asks him to take care of Sneha, and further suggests they are made for each other. She also reminds that girls have reached the space so games is just a cup of tea. Rio learns his mom is going to court since she is a lawyer and becomes quiet. Sneha pulls his leg on the game and soon he begins to discuss on the opening sequence of his comic book. He talks about his superhero Agniman stepping out of spaceship and going to Chandni chowk to meet his lady love Chamku Chameli who runs a sweet shop. Later, Sneha while sitting with Rio speaks of doing Economics honors but hangs out with a college guy who is also a vague comic artist and suggests her parents will be upset.

Sneha calls him selfish and talks about the rain sounds romantic to her. Both decide to eat Gol Gappe during rain and eats them outside in rain. He gets super excited to eat in rain and both enjoy the rain while getting drenched. Later in the night on his bed, she takes a selfie with him and suggests he looks innocent and also they look very cute together. Rio attends a call of a friend while Sneha reminisces her moments with him and also his mom’s words. She opens-up to him on wanting to know what he feels about her since she don’t know its meaning. But finds he already slept. Next morning, Sneha is seen with her friend Manisha at college and both are engage in discussion. Manisha calls Rio as a cheap fellow to which Sneha takes a strong objection and calls Rio as a special person for her and knows he will also consider her as special.

Later, Sneha goes with Rio on his bike and wants to say urgently. He asks her to say what she wants in the night. She remembers Manisha’s words and asks him to stop the bike. She opens-up on not wanting to continue furthermore the things that go on with them. She asks what is her importance in his life. She asks him directly whether he thinks her as his girlfriend or not. He says she is becoming sentimental and asks about the drama. Rio speaks of not believing in BF-GF thing and talks about their friendship. She calls him a super loser though he writes superhero stories and starts to cry and leaves.

Rithivik (the host) says that sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and even Rio was doing the same. His mom and friend Shashank suggested he wasn’t doing the right thing. But because of the ego, he was trying to distract himself in some other ways.

Rio is seen with a girl who tries to come close to him. She calls his special cushion of not having any value. He takes it seriously and asks her to go henceforth [Aa Rubaru, Ab to Zara song plays; Jaaniya song from Haunted 3D movie]. She makes a taunt on being sure Sneha dumped him. He gets upset with himself. Later, Rio starts to  work on his comic story but suffers from writer’s block and wonders what is his problem. He finds Sneha close to him, which is an illusion of her. Nonetheless, he realizes the emotions ought to be incorporated. Soon, he realizes on hugging his friend and not Sneha. Rio speaks to his friend Shashank of being surrounded by superheroes in his mind. He learns from Shashank that Sneha is on a date so is advised not to call.

He also learns she went with Sandy for the date, and decides to meet her. He meets Sneha at a pub and Rio calls Sandy as very fat fellow. On that note, both engage in confrontation, which leads to a fight. Rio breaks a glass on Sandy’s head and gets a hit in return. Later in th night, Sneha comes to meet Rio and his mother, and speaks of advising Sandy to not report to police. Rio informs of his mom of not wanting to have commitment. His mom reiterates they are made for each other. He asks his mom on what she got and suggests GF-BF looks good at the start but bound to break like in other relationships. He leaves without listening to his mom.. Lafzon se jo tha pare.. Darmiyaan song from movie Jodi Breakers plays.

Rio reminisces about Sneha and their past happy moments. He wakes up and imagines her around him and gets frustrated. He receives a call and finds on social media his fight video has been shared and Sneha is accused of dating two guys at one time, and so her reputation is at stake. Darmiyaan song plays.. He goes to see Sneha and finds Sneha ignoring him at her appartment. Sooner then, she comes to hand over a letter stating him to leave her alone and also a taunt: thanking him for destroying her life. Later, he again comes to her flat and speaks that they are made for each other and also they look good together. She speaks of not wanting anything and he asks what she wants. She reminds when she wanted he couldn’t accept or give her. He suggests its not late even now. She suggests its already late and now she needs to listen to her parents.

He apologizes to her earnestly while holding her hand. The watchman comes with warden to take Rio away from Sneha’s hostel flat… Zinda Hoon Yaar from Lootera movie plays. Rio gets drunk and is confronted by some goons outside and some of his belongings taken away and even gets hit. Soon after, Rio gets hospitalized and next morning sees Agniman talkiing to him. Agniman speaks of emotion such as love being the strength of Indians and not weakness. The superhero Agniman turns out to be his friend Shashank. Shashank speaks of taking him to Sneha since she will be leaving soon. The doctor and his mom tries to stop Rio but soon gets approval from his mom. She encourages him to not let Sneha go this time. He hugs his mom with much emotions and also expresses his love.

He manages to reach Sneha’s flat and draws a sketch of Agniman accepting love and the love story being successful and living in Chandni Chowk. He pushes the sketch from beneath the door and she receives it and gets happy. She opens the door and he apologizes to her. He opens-up on being a fool and she says he will be a fool always. He speaks of not understanding that they are made for each other. She speaks that he can write a comic book happy ending so why he wasn’t able to recreate in his life before, and suggests they wouldn’t have seperated. She showers a hug to him. Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays. He confesses love followed by her love confession and I love you too message. Sneha couldn’t stay with him and goes for her studies to US.

A month later, both are having online chat and Shashank comes to inform that Agniman sketch are selected to be patented in US. This means Rio can go for two year internship in US and can stay with Sneha who will be there in US for 4 years. Rio at first couldn’t comprehend what Shashank is saying but soon gets happy with the happening development. Rithvik speaks how Rio was afraid of commitment and relationships tagging but soon overcome his inhibitions to realize love. He signs off by saying -Don’t forget to fall in love..

Info on Cast:

* Rio is portrayed by actor Nakul Sahdev.
– Nakul worked with Bindass TV shows -Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 aired on 17th August 2014, and Episode 74 aired on 2nd November 2014. Love By Chance 28th Episode aired on 6th December 2014,
– Nakul’s Twitter page

* Sneha is portrayed by actress Roshmita Rahaman
– Last worked in Sony TV’s show Bhanwar.

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