Titu succeeds in convincing Panchi to come back to his home in Tu Mera Hero

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Titu and Panchi

Titu’s parents Govind and Surekha are having mixed expectations from him in bringing back Panchi, with Govind Narayan bit skeptic. Titu has realized his love for Panchi after she went away from his life, and now put all the efforts to impress her and takes help of friends Golu and Cheeni. Panchi wants to see whether Titu has really left his laziness and got involved in doing work. Titu by means of a sport, which involved running and agility has proved to Panchi that he has left laziness and in this way made he trust him again.

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Panchi gets convinced seeing Titu doing his work on his own and without Golu’s help. Titu goes on to confess his true love to Panchi and it is known that he was missing her a lot in recent times. She agrees to go home with him. This makes Titu lift Panchi in his arms so as to take her to Agarwal home. Titu gives his assurance to Panchi by stating she will really be proud of him this time. Panchi isn’t aware of Titu realizing his worth: how he can earn money with his innate talent of poetry. With love, Titu and Panchi going to have a romantic dance and moments in the track ahead.

On other hand, Vaishali teaming up with Titu’s aunt Rekha, and has intentions to see no one will get the stick and ticket given by Ehsaan. She wants to create hurdles for Titu so as to stop him from succeeding.



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