Akbar’s sacrifice decision and actions for Jodha going to turn the tables on Laboni’s evil spirit, and free Jodha

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Jodha and Akbar’s endearing love is very much visible with Akbar striving hard and going all out to free Jodha from Laboni’s evil spirit. After Yogi Uday couldn’t succeed against Laboni’s soul comes the turn of Shaguni Bai to try her best to help Akbar and Jodha. Jodha is a firm believer in Kali Maa and Shaguni also shares similar believe. Shaguni helps Akbar to ward off the Laboni’s evil spirit by informing that he need to sacrifice his life to save Jodha. Before the special prayers at Kali Maa temple and the sacrifice moment, Shaguni came up with a plan on how to weaken Laboni by spreading ash around Jodha’s room. On other hand, Laboni was overconfident because of the special powers of the night giving advantage to souls.

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Coming back to Akbar’s sacrifice, he agrees to Shaguni without any second thought and this makes Salim and his force very nervous. Shaguni Bai might have actually tests Akbar’s conviction and love for his wife and the possibility of an attack on Akbar with a sword (for sacrifice) would not take place. Nevertheless, she directs the spread of Akbar’s death in the war so as to weaken Laboni, and trap in her plan. Laboni’s soul was present in Jodha’s body at the time when she got news on Akbar’s death from Ruks and gets much nervous. Laboni’s spirit always wanted to come close to Akbar and the death news has punctured her ambitions and there are chances of her commiting mistakes henceforth, which will help Jodha. What would be Laboni evil spirit’s immediate reaction after learning about Akbar’s death ? Will Akbar finally succeed in freeing Jodha from Laboni’s evil spirit ?



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