Neil and Ragini come close by fate and children’ efforts in Itna Karo…



Neil and Ragini find themselves come close due to circumstances with the latest one being stuck in a room when electricity goes away. Also, Neil is getting jealous to see Ragini around Aman, and gets emotional. At the farmhouse, Nishi is seen to get upset with her husband Jignesh on matters and also food-related while elders are trying to reunite the couple and bring happiness. Amidst this development, Nishi lands to get stuck in a room with Suhani’s BF Karthik.


Later on, The family gets a discussion to think what food to eat, as cylinder gas has ended at home. Agam and Suhani plan to have dinner outside at any cool foodjoint. They plan to bring Neil and Ragini together. They lie to Ragini that they want to bring Nishi and Jignesh together and convince her to come. Neil asks Ragini to show some love for her children’s happiness and she refuses to him. He asks her to change herself if it can give happiness to children. Neil and Ragini finally spend some time together and end up arguing. How long Neil would be able to control his emotions and feelings for Ragini? Keep reading.


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