Sandhya’s new Bengali look shocks the family; ‘Mission Mahabali’ awaits her in Diya Aur…

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Sandhya's Mission Mahubali

Sandhya has got a new avatar in Bengali style sarees and makeup. She has don the role of Sagarika Das, a pure Bengali lady who would be meeting Himanshu and win him over in the proposal. She wanted to keep this a secret and Ved sees her Bengali look pic in her phone. He likes it and runs to show it to everyone. Sandhya tries to stop him and Ved shows it to the family. They all like her and does not know about her secret mission: Mission Mahabali. Sandhya learns Bengali song well and tells Bharat that she will fulfill her duty. She leaves her family after taking pics with them. She gets teary eyed and lands in Shantanu Das’ home. Sandhya will race against time to fulfill the mission.

Sandhya gets heavy heart and leaves the home after meet everyone and she fails to inform anything to Sooraj. She also fails to get promise from Sooraj that he will not remarry anyone. The family does not know about Sandhya’s risky mission. Bharat calls her when she wants to break the mission truth to family. She does not say anything and leaves, which makes the family upset. Sandhya meets Himanshu as Sagarika and talks bengali fluently so that he does not doubt on her. Himanshu likes her and leaves the answer to the proposal for the next meeting. Will Sandhya succeed in her mission? Keep reading.

Will Sandhya’s family get to know about her secret mission: Mission Mahabali ?
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