Sandhir’s Love to be tested because of her family troubles & sponsorship matter

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Sanyukta and Randhir

Randhir takes care of Sanyukta when she needs the most because of love. She continues to face abuse and yelling from her dad and brother Ankit who outrightly blames her for mom’s death. They want to takeover her business stake in Agarwal’s company and doesn’t care what she is going through. She faces another big issue: sponsorship of the dream team and lies to the team of her board members going to take a decision on sponsorship. The truth is she couldn’t meet the board members in first place and haven’t informed on her decision.

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Later on, her dad agrees to help her with sponsors but carries some ulterior motives. Therefore, Sanyukta faces an uphill task to get the sponsorship for the dream team and moreover her words matter to them as they depend on her. Abhay Singh Ranwat [ASR] shows his confidence on Sanyukta and believes she will pull through this tough time. Amidst this, Sanyukta-Randhir’s love will be going to be tested with elements of confiding to have trust, unconditional support also playing out in parallel. Will Sanyukta steer ahead to not fall in her dad’s ploy, and help the dream team with sponsorship ?

Sanyukta and every Girl should have Equal Rights to have gender equality
Sanyukta and every Girl should have Equal Rights to have gender equality

Sanyukta’s dilemma and fight for equal rights
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