Soumya to support Suhani; Yuvraaj arrested for Radhe’s murder attempt in Suhani Si…

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Soumya realizes Krishna is crossing the line to take revenge from Birla family and misbehaving with Dadi a lot. Dadi does not tell Yuvraaj about the truth that she has the formula with her and fears of his hatred. Dadi helplessly agrees to whatever Krishna orders. Soumya and Suhani have an argument on this and Soumya realizes Krishna is doing wrong with them. Soumya and Krishna will soon know Dadi’s involvement in filing FIR against him. After a little argument with Radhe, Radhe falls down the terrace and Krishna plans to send him away. He tells everyone that Yuvraaj has pushed Radhe and killed him. He calls police and gets Yuvraaj arrested. Dadi gets worried for Yuvraaj and scolds Krishna. Krishna asks her to take this as a lesson.

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Suhani and Sharad come to Krishna’s locality find Radhe and want to prove Yuvraaj innocent. Krishna has locked Radhe and wants to blame Yuvraaj for killing Radhe. Suhani and Sharad does not find Radhe and get worried. Yuvraaj is in lockup and Krishna enjoys to make Birla’s son experience the jail stay. Soumya feels this is going overhead and follows Krishna. She gets to see Krishna’s truth and finds him with Radhe. She hides and hears their plan. Krishna asks Radhe to not come in anyone’s eyes till Yuvraaj gets more punished in the jail. Soumya gets shocked seeing Krishna falling much in his revenge motive. Krishna does so to make Dadi cry seeing Yuvraaj in jail and make her realize her mistake of framing him for false theft blame. Soumya decides to help Suhani and free Yuvraaj from the false blame. What will be Krishna’s reaction knowing Soumya’s support to Suhani? Keep reading.


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