Amaya contemplates to quit her job; New twist by Uma’s outburst in Tere Sheher…


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Amaya has bought a fridge for Sneha after Rudra informs her about Rachita’s insult by Rama’s mum. Amaya did not think of her new job and got the fridge on a credit card. Mantu advised her not to hurry up in using credit card and also offered loan from his side. Amaya refused him saying she wants to do something on her own. Amaya did not imagine that she would decide to leave the job some day. This happens after she knows about Dev’s hatred for her dad Rishi Mathur. She gets teary eyed when Mukherjee tells her how Rishi is an example for all the interns to not do any unethical business and calls him a fraud businessman.


Amaya can’t bear her dad’s insult and decides to quit the job. She makes her resignation and does not confide with Mantu. Even then, Amaya does not leave the job by the contract rules, and also because of her family’s financial needs. She decides to meet Dev and know the reason of his hatred. Dev will be soon shown back in Banaras and has an old linkup with Sneha Mathur. On the other hand, Rudra hears Pushpa saying Sneha will be back in their home one day and thinks to make Gajanand against Sneha. Later on, Amaya goes to a fair with her family where Shiv Rudra prayers are also going to take place,  and meets Mantu there. Uma gets angry seeing Amaya with Mantu and stops her from sitting close to Mantu. Uma makes her words clear that Mantu belongs to just her. Mantu is not aware that both Uma and Amaya love him. How will Amaya manage to get her love in Uma’s presence? Keep reading.

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