Romi’s struggle to win Sarika’s trust; Raman to sponsor Adi’s dance event in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Vinni gets the dance competition form and hands over to Simmi asking her to pass on to Adi. Simmi tells about this to Raman and they get thinking that Adi is not good in dance. Raman gets an idea of sponsoring the dance competition event for Adi, so that Adi wins the contest being Raman Bhalla’s son. Ishita finds this wrong, as other talented kids will get let down by Raman’s actions. Raman clarifies to her that Adi has to win at any cost, and he is going this to boost Adi’s confidence, and assure Adi their support. Ishita gets annoyed with Raman and he tries to make up to her in his usual romantic taunting style. She finally agrees to him, thinking maybe Adi will really work hard to get deserving of the victory. Raman and Ishita will be seen in few romantic moments at the kitchen.


On the other hand, Sarika asks Romi to earn decent living and minimum 40000 rupees average salary job in a month. Romi gets stunned and decides to work hard, in order to get his only child back in his family. Raman asks Romi to get responsible and offers support to him. Romi decides to do something on his own and prove to Sarika of his positive change. The track will be showing Romi’s struggle to get a good job and then winning Sarika’s trust back. Will Romi be able to get back Sarika and their son? Will Raman’s move make him fall in any trouble by Jhakad? Keep reading.


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