Sanam finds herself at a pivotal crossroads in choosing her life partner: Aahil or Shaad in Qubool Hai



Shaad realizes Jannat/Sanam has true love for Aahil and decides to sacrifice his love so to make way for Aahil and Sanam reunion. He had earlier validated about Aahil and Sanam’s realtionship via their photos. Shaad goes on to help Aahil in reaching Sanam’s heart while wanting to let himself get lower in Sanam’s eyes. Shaad wants to show being careless and going back on his promise to Jannat so as to make her drift from his life. Aahil feels at loss of words to see Shaad’s one-of-a kind goodness and sacrifice. The new Sanam cannot see Shaad’s sacrifice for Aahil-Sanam and employs her magic to sway Aahil and control him. She initiates plans and situations to create a rift between Sanam and Aahil, the latest one being the spiking soup with large amount of spices. Nevertheless, Shaad going to put efforts to bring the love couple together.

Sanam also cries her heart out since she finds herself in dilemma since her heart and mind are acting in opposite manner. Shaad records those moments of her without her knowledge. Later, Sanam’s mehendi and Nikah (marriage) function gets underway. During her Nikah ceremony, she readily says yes for the marriage to the Qazi (priest) and then gets a shock to find both Shaad-Aahil as grooms, and both saying yes to her. On that note, she gets confused and also nervous on whom to say yes and accept to realize her marriage. It has to be seen whether Sanam gets an illusion or reality to find two grooms: Aahil and Shaad, waiting for her decision and acceptance for marriage. The fact is Sanam finds herself at a pivotal crossroads on whom to choose as her life partner: Aahil or Shaad. Will she able to listen to her heart strongly and accept Aahil while steering pass the new Sanam’s magic and evil ?


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