Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 3 starring Neelam Sivia and Aashish Mehrotra, 4th July 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of selfless relationship results in true love and compares it with not true relationship by giving instances such as a boy would consider his GF as a trophy, or a girl considering her BF as a credit card.  He then talks about how relationship that start with work or purpose but gradually turned into a serious relationship.

The story starts with Pratyusha coming to a lounge bar with her friend and couldn’t get entry since only couples are allowed. They find boys – Bunty and his friend and calls them. Bunty introduces himself in jovial manner and calls himself as a struggling actor. The girls then mark their entry by taking help from boys. Bunty dances in a happy go lucky manner and Pratyusha wonders about it and puts him in the bracket of a struggling actor. Next morning, Pratyusha’s mom who works as a editor at a film magazine is seen speaking to her friend, and asks her to take Pratyusha as a Assistant Director (AD). Pratyusha informs her mom about her diploma film, and gets a reply that she needs to be realistic since she lacks experience. Pratyusha replies the movie will be rewarding. But her mom demotivates further by saying it will take her 20 years to make some mark.

Later, Pratyusha is seen at college and calls Bunty and arranges a meetup with him at the cafeteria. Bunty comes and speaks of his thought they would discuss about the date. Pratyusha speaks of her diploma film and clarifies there is no date, and the movie she will send to film festivals. Bunty gets mesmerized when she was speaking the details of the film. She gives him a contract with 14 pages, which he needs to sign. She makes it clear the work is unpaid but he will get experience letter.Bunty replies of doing anything for her and leaves. Soon after, Pratyusha comes to Bunty’s home next day to begin the shoot and practice, and gets surprised to see him staying in a posh and big flat.  She wonders how come a struggling actor live in such a home. Bunty comes soon with a garland commonly taken for funerals and he is informed by Pratyusha  about it.

Bunty informs her that the home belongs to his dad who possess 16 dairy farms. Pratyusha changes her mind to see his richess and don’t want to give him the work but he insists of doing the film. Pratyusha then vows to make Bunty look like a struggler so she can justify the film well. She gets a laugh with his funny dialogues and he also flirts with her a bit, for instance saying she looks really cute. He gets lost in himself when she does his make-up. He then touches her hair and she becomes uncomfortable. Later, he holds her hand and doesn’t let her pay to the corn vendor outside. He wants to pay and suggests money is not everything since love is there. He makes her laugh by playing with the kids there. They spend time together and are at ease. Next morning, she takes his shoot and is happy with his yesterday’s scenes. She applauds his dialogue.

She then comes to help him in removing the T-shirt as it gets stuck. She comes close to kiss him but backs out and asks herself to focus so she doesn’t need to listen to her mom’s taunts. Bunty later speaks of how a producer’s wife Dimple tried to come close to him. He ran away from her, and informs Pratyusha about the casting couch where his respect was at stake. Pratyusha asks him to go on with the casting couch since they will put it in the climax of their film. If the lady Dimple comes very close he can run away. She assures him of providing support and showers a hug. Later, Pratyusha’s mom downplays her daughter’s diploma film in progress at their home and asks her to focus on PR skills. Pratyusha calls Bunty for the party organized by her mom and informs him on sophisticated people will be coming. On that note. Pratyusha’s friend suggests to her that she is in love.

Pratyusha rejects it and speaks to herself of being in love with herself. She speaks to herself on getting a feeling the film will definitely be made. He then remininisces the moments she shared with Bunty and smiles. Later in the night, the party starts and she waits for Bunty and soon gets glad to see his entry. He speaks of being awe to see her. She then takes Bunty to a producer Gizele for introduction. Bunty finds the lady Dimple who had earlier attempted casting couch on him . Gizele don’t entertain Bunty and leaves. Pratyusha gets introduced to the producer Gizele by her mom. He holds her and compels her to dance making her uncomfortable. Bunty sees Gizele’s behavior and goes on to hit him. He threatens him to not come close to Pratyusha.

Pratyusha’s mom comes and asks Bunty to leave. Bunty gets angy while leaving and speaks her respect is important than party. He asks her why she didn’t tell her mom about Gizele’s behavior trying to hurt her modesty. He admits on being an emotional fool and knows of coming from a village. He speaks of fighting the world to make her achieve the goal but admits on doing wrong. She suggests to him about misunderstanding. He leaves by saying she couldn’t stand for herself, which makes her cry and his words touched her. Bunty comes home and recollects the fight, party moments and his moments with Pratyusha. She also recollects their past moments and cries. Next morning, he meets Pratyusha at the cafeteria and speaks of meeting her last time since he is not liking the city anymore and departing in a day or two.

He speaks on working for the final part or climax so as to complete the film and asks her to be professional. He informs the climax to capture casting couch will go on since he has received the message from the producer lady Dimple, who asked him to come at her hotel suite. He leaves on that note with dejection and sadness. Pratyusha shares her concern of not being sure of pulling off the climax with her friend but wants to spend the last day with him. They put hidden microphones in his jacket and also gives him a bag with hidden camera. She informs him of monitoring the scene on the monitor. She also tells him to run if Dimple gets out of control. He replies that she will get her scene fine and leaves in somewhat angry mode. Bunty enters Dimpe’s hotel suite while Pratyusha and her friend watches him with Dimple on their monitor.

Dimple speaks that everyone get exploited and suggests even in love you get exploited. He agrees with her that indeed in love people gets exploited. Pratyusha receives a call from her mom who informs about getting the AD job for her but she outrightly rejects the offer. Pratyusha couldn’t see Dimple coming very close to Bunty and runs to meet him and stop the couch scene – Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays. She manages to mark her entry in Dimple’s suite and suggests to Bunty that there are more things than climax. In a teary voice, she makes him clear on how he is very important for her. He then talks about the mismatch between them but she replies by saying they are perfect match for each other. On that note, she showers a big hug to him with much happiness and become lovestruck. Bunty reminds on loving her when he saw her for the first time. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks about Pratyusha realized and confessed her love to Bunty within time and he also understood her love and reciprocated the same. He signs off by saying – Keep falling in love.

Info on Cast:
* Pratyusha is portrayed by actress and model Neelam Sivia
– Neelam is originally from Denmark coming from an Indian family.
– She did modeling assignments in Denmark. She did modeling and print Ads with UTV Bindass and other agencies in India.
– Portrayed the role of Anika – Anushka Sarkar’s daughter in Sony TV’s show Kya Hua Tera Vaada.
– Neelam portrayed the role of Sonia in Ishq Kills 6th Episode telecast on 23rd March 2014. Recent works: Bindass’ Love By Chance 23rd Episode telecast on 1st November 2014, in the role of Sheetal, and in Halla Bol 2 17th Episode aired on 22nd March 2015.
– Follow the tag Neelam Sivia Actress to read articles written on the episodes where she worked.

* Bunty is portrayed by actor Aashish Mehrotra
– Recently worked in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 78 aired on 30th November 2014.
– Portrayed the role of Yudi in Channel V’s Paanch – Five wrong make a right. Also worked in in Bindass Love by Chance 4th Episode aired on 21st June 2014.

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