Dada ji blesses LD and Radha’s union in Mere Rang Mein…


mere rang1

Radha and LD’s love story is coming to an end this month. Kabir calls Radha and asks her to come for a meeting. Radha asks LD to arrange a car for her. LD takes Radha in his car. Kabir calls the media for the press meet of their film. While answering to Media, Radha stumbles and LD holds her. The media clicks her photos in a romantic pose. Kabir gets jealous and blames LD for getting a chance to touch his heroine. LD says he don’t need a chance as Radha is still his life. Radha looks on surprisingly and is touched with his lovely words.


Meanwhile, Radha will make Murli realizes hidden true love for Shyamali and will expose Neha’s cruel face. Murli will choose Shyamali over Neha. Abhishek will realize his mistake and will apologize to Jhanvi. Dada ji will find out about Jayshree and Pratap association in trapping Chaturvedi family and separating Radha with LD. He will confront Jayshree infront of family members after exposing her. Dada ji will announce to the family about his doings and will accept Radha as LD’s wife. Soon, Kabir will realize Radha and LD’s true love and will leave from their way. Keep reading.



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