Gunjan’s doubt on Ranvi to ruin Geet’s life in Veera



Ranvi and Gunjan’s marriage is going through a bad phase. Gunjan has much doubt on Ranvi, even when he did not regard Geet any significance in his life. He loves Gunjan and she has her inhibitions that Ranvi loves Geet and Deepu. She tries committing suicide and Ranvi stops her. Gunjan recalls Ratan’s words that someone is really attempting to end her marriage with Ranvi and thinks its Geet, as Ratan did not mention Manjeet’s name. Gunjan feels Geet has come to snatch her husband and gets into a major argument with Ranvi. She asks Baldev to get Geet married to someone to clear her doubts. Geet agrees to marry the one Balwant finds suitable for her, after seeing Baldev and Veera fighting because of her, and also being blamed to have affair with Ranvi.

Manjeet worries as her plan is failing. Baldev and Veera start doing the arrangements as guy’s family is coming to see Geet. Bansuri informs Gunjan and asks her to come home. She is glad that Geet will go away from their lives. Baldev asks Dilawar to help them in finding a nice guy for Geet. Dilawar and Manjeet get a plan and try to win Baldev’s trust. Manjeet fills Bansuri’s ears and asks her why is she happily making Geet marry, when she should make her life miserable for ruining Gunjan’s happiness. She asks Bansuri to take revenge and teach Geet a lesson. Bansuri spoils the situation infront of the guests, which makes Geet’s alliance wrap up. Manjeet asks Dilawar to marry Geet to become a part of their family and also ruin Veera, Ranvi and Baldev’s lives. Geet gives her marriage responsibility to Ranvi and asks him to findf some good guy for her. Will Ranvi be able to save Geet’s future and end Gunjan’s doubts? Keep reading.



  1. I think Gunjan should suffer as she is the one who has mental blocked .Infact Geet should start earning first with her singing ,must have courage to stand on her own feet Ranvi and Geet together make lovely and cute pair they really have wonderful chemistry though they do not have lot of scenes together .

    • Noways… Ranvi only loves gunjan and Ranjan is best no geet can take her place and you should understand thats its gunjan fear that she might loose Ranvi and that wicked and foolish manjeet is creating doubts in gunjan’s might gunjan is not at fault… So plzzz dont say that Ranvi and geet should be together because Ranvi loves gunjan since years and no geet can take her place in few days -.-

      • I agree that Manjeet is conspiring to break the relationship between Ranvi and Gunjan. But Gunjan doesn’t deserve Ranvi; Ranvi is too good for her. Gunjan is a selfish girl; while Geet is simple and innocent.

  2. Exactly gunjan is not worse it for ranvi cos she never mend her way since ,she have been give ranvi problems and her brother and mum


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