Ishani’s move to fail Ritika’s plan succeeds by Shikhar’s help in Meri Aashiqui…


meri aashiqui51

Ishani has stopped Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage successfully by showing the door to Ritika and asking her to do a friend’s duty of uniting Ranvir with his wife. Shikhar tells Ranvir that Ishani has not signed on the divorce papers as her heart sgill loves Ranvir. He tells Ranvir that Ishani is still his legal wife and this he can’t marry Ritika now. He asks Ranvir to take care of his ‘Amaanat’ Ishani and wants Ishani to be happy. Ritika worries that Ishani can tell the truth out that she has stabbed her. But she comes to know that Ishani has lost her memory, and has come back to stay with Ranvir.


Ishani plays safe to bring out Ritika’s truth by solid proof. She gets close to Ranvir, after knowing all the truth of his innocence. She has all her love in her heart and mind for Ranvir. Later on, Ranvir gets drunk and loses his senses. He gets closer to Ishani and they get romantic. Ishani recalls her promise made to Shikhar and distances herself from Ranvir, as her main aim is to expose Ritika. Ishani thanks Ritika for taking care of her husband and family in her absence. She asks Ritika to take rest now as she has come to take everything in her control. What will Ritika do now? Keep reading.


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