Suhani and Sharad get evidence to prove Yuvraaj innocent in Suhani Si…

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Suhani has got her best friend Soumya back. Soumya has seen Krishna’s truth, who has got blind in revenge from Birlas. Lalita is getting all her enmity out by supporting Krishna against Birlas. However, this is a good lesson for Dadi, who has been valuing money and status all her life. She did not respect relations before and have started supporting Suhani in her plan to free Yuvraaj lately. Dadi will be seen joining hands with Suhani and Sharad, to free Yuvraaj off Radhe’s murder blame. It will be this high drama in the show that Dadi, Rags and Menka will be shown supporting Suhani. Soumya starts insulting Suhani at home to win Krishna’s trust and get to know Radhe’s whereabouts. Anuj gets back on Suhani’s side seeing her humiliation.

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Soumya and Suhani try to reach Radhe by their plan to send him food by Rakhi. While Radhe tries hard to hide, Suhani gets him in the food festival. Radhe wins the competition and gets happy. Suhani takes his pics in her phone on spotting him in disguise. Sharad gets shocked seeing Radhe alive and says Suhani was right about him. Suhani tells Sharad that they can save Yuvraaj by showing the pics and videos in court. Rohan tells Dadi that he will reach court before them and save Yuvraaj definitely. He asks her not to worry and leave everything on him, as he did not lose any case till now. Krishna gets suspicious of Suhani knowing about Radhe. He calls Radhe and asks him to leave from competition, as police may find he is alive. Radhe leaves before Suhani takes pics of him clearly. Rohan believes Suhani and assures her that they will free Yuvraaj. What will Krishna do now? Keep reading.



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